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Tea is ceremonial.

It’s always a celebration.

Whether you are celebrating work done well or are looking for ideas. You may be celebrating friendship or family bonds  with lots of fun and laughter and maybe sometimes trying to mend fences…
You’ll always find tea as a binding agent or maybe connecting wires.
Also I think that tea does not have to be the same standard boiled boring brew.
One should experiment to treat ones palette… 
So I am very fond of black tea, obviously the tannins are really good for the body. 
And without adding the burden of extra calories , a light black tea is extremely refreshing . 
Now with so many of fruit tea blends available, it’s almost like there is a party happening when you dip a tea bag in that cup.
So I tried karma kettles Passionately Passion Fruit Black Tea.
This is a beautifully automatic black tea in pyramid tea bags which contain small pieces of passion fruit along with very high quality black tea.
The Tea Bag when steeped for just a minute starts to release a very frutiy, citrus sweet aroma . 
I never add any sugar, so my black tea is like a light drink which is extremely refreshing.
I drank 4-5 cups of this tea and then I realised that I wanted to do something more than just drink tea.
At first, I thought about baking with this tea, but then I realised that the aromas would get lost and the flavour would be over powered by the flavour of the Other ingredients.
So I thought of doing a salad.  Then because passion fruit is a very light and mild fruit, I did not want any cheese or oil to overpower and cut into the rich aroma of the fruit.
Swipe to very mild fruit …available almost everywhere.
Dragon fruit with white flesh and an ice Apple which is local to Maharashtra. 
You may or may not find the ice Apple, but you can substitute it with coconut shaved very thin or even better, with the flash of a tender coconut .
My proportions were good enough for huge bowl of salad which became my full meal. I used 1 of each fruit for variety. 
For the 
Tea Steeped Fruit Salad with Passionately Passion fruit tea.
You need
2 tea bags passionate passion fruit tea
1/2 cup water
2 stalks lemon grass(whitep portions)
Juice and zest of 1 lemon
1 tbsp honey
dragon fruit
1/2 cup shelled pomegranate seeds
1/2 cup chopped ice Apple or coconut flesh
1/4 cup Grapes 
1/4 tsp toasted sesame seeds
Black salt ,pepper to taste.
Wash and Pound the lemon grass stalks gently and place with the water in a sauce pan and boil till the water reduces by half.
Strain into a bowl with the tea bags. Allow to steep 5 minutes . Mix in the honey, lemon juice and a little pepper. 
In this bowl  add in the chopped ice Apple or coconut and dragon fruit. 
Allow the fruit to chill in the fridge. 
In the meanwhile, half and slice the plum thinly. 
Chop up the kiwi and half the grapes. 
Line your bowl with the sliced plum. 
Strain the steeping fruit into the grapes and kiwi.Mix in the lemon zest and salt. 
Spoon into your plum rimmed bowl and sprinkle over pomegranate pearls. 
A tiny drizzle of honey and sesame seeds and you’ve a Michelin star fruit salad to enjoy. 
The fruit absorbs the colour and the Flavor of the tea. Their own taste being too mild ,they finally get to make an impact. Lemongrass and passion fruit aromas make this into a tropical surprise
It’s almost as if you can picture yourself sitting under a coconut tree ,on a Sandy Beach with this gorgeous bowl of fruit salad to munch on .
So good. 
You can drink that syrupy ,juicy liquid, or just top it up with ice and soda for a quick drink. 
Never waste anything that has tea. 
I’ve also added my last two teabags in my Christmas fruit cake soaking mixture.
You can order your passionately passion fruit tea from Karma kettles website or from instagram .
Use the code BAKETITUDE to get a 20% discount. Im also hosting a contest on Instagram , do take part in it,you’ll win yourself this beautiful Passionately with a special tote bag. 
Go on ahead, check the tea out.
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