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Stone fruits flood the market in the summer. And for me, life is beyond mangoes. I adore peaches. Fuzzy, juicy,sweet and tart. They’re the best fruit you can have. 

But to use it in a salad or not, it’s so darn confusing. And couscous, this semolina couscous that I bought from here.

Couscous is a middle eastern staple carbohydrate that absorbs any Flavor you give to it . I was so sure I wanted to make a tagine. But then I’d have to go shopping for a tagine. And as my cupboards are overflowing already, I thought not. So I decided to make a dessert. My plans were to make a milk based dessert… But then I dithered. It’s too humid to stand in the kitchen to reduce milk. It had to be quick fix. 

Seeing I had peaches and plums in the fridge ,I hadn’t used in three days… 

I had an almost epiphany. Grilled Peaches please. I love grilled stone fruit.  My only problem is the grill. So when you grill fruit in a pan, it stews . On a wire rack, the scorch marks are never where they need to be. 

So I used a flat gridle. 

Under the grill in my oven. 

Can’t say I wasn’t the happiest. 

I used only 1 plum, because these are extremely tart… 

But the kiss of sunshine is enough for you to want to try it all. 

This is sufficient for two people… One if you’re greedy like me. Vegan and totally healthy,if you please. 

You just must try this. Even if it goes against all your mother taught you. 

For the

Grilled Peaches and Couscous A Summer Dessert_Baketitude

You need

2 peaches

2 plums, seeded cherries or apricots

2 tbsp raw sugar/ caster sugar

15-16 shelled Pistachio

1/2 cup semolina couscous

12-15 mint leaves torn

2 tbsp honey or maple syrup

2 tsp butter or coconut oil

Pinch salt

1/2 cup water

Cut and remove the peach stones. Do the same for the plums.

Shell the pistachio.

Roughly chop the mint leaves.

Turn on your oven to 200C , turning only the top rod on for grilling or broiling. 

Melt the butter and sprinkle the sugar over the melted butter. Place the peach halves cut side down on the cast iron tawa or griddle. Also agg the plums. Coat the melted butter sugar and flip over. 

Place under the grill and grill till it begins to caramalise. It took me 4 minutes. 

Remove. Place most of the Pista in the caramalised liquid and flip the fruit over. Spoon some liquid on fruit and return to the grill for atleaat  3-4 more minutes. The plums will begin to shrink. And peache skin wrinkle. Flip over once more and spoon liquid over. Turn off the oven. And allow to cool. 

In a small pan, heat the remaining butter . Once it starts to foam, add the couscous and lightly toast till it gets a lovely golden colour. 

Remove to a glass bowl. 

In a sauce pan,place half cup water. Remove 1 tbsp water and allow to bowl. 

Once the water comes to a boil,turn off the heat and add the honey. Pour over the couscous and cover. 

After 10 minutes, sprinkle the salt and the mint leaves. Fluff up with a fork so the grains don’t stick to each other. 

You can chop the grilled Peaches to mix in or leave them whole. 

I made a bed of the couscous and topped with the candied fruit and the remaining liquid. 

Optional, a squeeze of lemon juice. I didn’t need it because my plum was super tart. 

Served warm, it was awesome. 

I don’t know if I can call this a salad or not. There’s no oil, but it has nuts and greens and a dressing.

Can I call it a dessert? It’s only lightly sweet,but it’s got butter and fruit and nuts and sugar and candied juices. 

What’s with all the confusion? It’s my dish

 So my dish is a dessert. Super healthy. Super fresh and super tastes. From start to finish, it took me 15 minutes. And finished even faster. Also there was hardly any guilt… In my opinion toasted almonds would have been better. But Pistachio are prettiest.

Also a drop or two of orange blossom water would have been perfect. If you have it, make sure to add it. Or maybe some lemon zest . That’s your call…or not.

Try it out. I’m sure you’ll like this , unsavory option to use couscous.

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