Dhania Paneer Herb-alicious,Cottage Cheese-

Matar Makhane ki Tikki-Pea Patties...
Kinnow Cheesecake- Egg less Orange Cheesecake
We all know what this was about…
Destiny’s Child ,it was …
Here’s the protein,..that will go straight to make your “Booty” even more Bootylicious.
Light on the tummy,high with the good stuff and with endless possibilities.
You don’t need to do what I did,let your creative juices run and make whatever changes,add or subtract ingredients or flavours…as long as the base of the paneer remains the same…all your efforts will hold.
Main Hoon Na!
BTW…this is also fasting material…
NO Flour
No Salt etc.
Music is the food of love…so play on while you read..


For the
Herb-alicious,Herby Cheese-Dhania Paneer…
you need
2 l skim milk(or full fat or half fat…whatever you choose)
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp ginger diced very very fine
1/2 cup chopped herbs(I used coriander,you can use whichever herbs in whichever combination you like)
1 tsp vinegar
Get the milk on to boil.

That’s the ginger and cumin seeds

When the milk comes to a boil add the herbs and the ginger and the cumin seeds and then add the vinegar and turn the heat off.Remember,all additions before the vinegar,else they will not get trapped well in the curds.

Drain this in a colander lined with a cheesecloth.You can use the whey to make your dough,or sauces or just drink it….Don’t throw away the healthy stuff.


Now ,the difficult part.You can collect it into one lump and make a ball of the Herb-alicious,Herby Cheese-Dhania Paneer,but I wanted a sausage.I wanted tiny roundels.So ,I took some help to tightly roll up the paneer before it got cold.HOT!HOT! HOT!

Tight roll..
And then tied the ends…I had twine…no cotton thread.In a big dish of cold  water to help the paneer to set.


Now for the big show… unravel…a little sausage.
And now cut small slices…
These are the small bits…without the sauce or chutney.Sprinkle Chaat Masala or season wit h just salt and pepper….and maybe sprinkle a bit of lemon juice.The world is your oyster.I wish i could lay claim, to this ,but no the local dairy in Shalimar Bagh,Delhi makes something like this in huge blocks.I just made some changes to suit my palette.
No matter how long its been ,you still miss home…
Delhi Rocks!
So what are you baking today???
Matar Makhane ki Tikki-Pea Patties...
Kinnow Cheesecake- Egg less Orange Cheesecake

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