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I absolutely adore coffee. Anyone can tell you that. Coffee runs through my veins.

And I love buying coffee mugs and stufs forever. I had a beautiful collection of cups and french presses. I’ve a cappuccino maker too,but because that brand is not available in India, I’m unable to find a replacement for the filter. So I’ve now begun using drip and french press and moka pots for my daily coffee. 

I’ve a milk steamer and a few milk frothers. So they work really well and I’m able to satisfy my coffee craving generally. That doesn’t stop me from going for my bi- weekly Java update to Starbucks  or Blue Tokai or the Dope Coffee. My favorite brands to order from instagram are Tarreriero Roastery for flavoured coffee-the Baileys being my favourite. The Dark Roast blend that I bought off instagram was also nice. 

And when all else fails,there  is always Davidoff espresso powder. But I like the real beans better.

I prefer a medium roast to a dark or a light roast .Also,I always get the beans ground for French press. That way,if I need to use the grinds as a face scrub,they aren’t as abrasive. Ok, I need to think about that too. 

What I’ve recently started doing, is adding coffee essence to my coffee. 

I’ve been using the Ossoro we Colombian Coffee essence in not so fresh coffee. One drop and the aromas change considerably. So you can imagine what happens when you bake the essence in chocolate brownies. Absolutely decadant awesomeness.

So I’ve got 2 basic Coffee versions I make. And then I work around these to get the most awesome tasting drinks. 

Cold Brew. 

2 tbsp fresh ground coffee per 240 mils fresh filtered water

Place the coffee in a clean glass jar.

Glass jars/bottles don’t stain. They are easy to clean, and coffee grinds invariably get caught in steel folds or stain plastic jugs and glasses and joints and are difficult to remove. 

Try and use a broad mouthed glass bottle , just simply because it’s easier to clean. A mason jar is perfect. 

There’s absolutely no need to stir the grinds ,just pour the liquid, screw the top and shake once. Alternatively, stir with a long glass stirrer. I am not ashamed to say that I did walk off with a few glass stirrers from a club after cocktails. I use those. 

Allow the coffee too steep at least overnight. I pop mine into the fridge.

The next morning, strain the decoction through a cheesecloth lined tea strainer into a glass. 

If you’ve small glass bottles, fill a bottle and carry with you. That’s a calories free, healthy energy drink for you. 

Pour a little milk and you’re ready to go to cold brew heaven. 

Pour cold brew over Ice and add 3-4 spoons of condensed milk for a cold brew Vietnamese coffee. 

Left over cold brew? Freeze in an ice tray and use instead of ice in a glass of milk.

That’s a kick ass way to drink cold coffee.

If you’re the Starbucks frappe kind of person,these ice cubes  are good for the mixer too. 

Add 4 cubes of coffee ice, 4 tbsp of flavored sugar syrup( Hershey’s caramel, chocolate or a homemade pumpkin pie syrup, vanilla or even a hazelnut syrup will work), 100 mils cold milk in the mixer to make a great frappucino, topped with cream. 

Hot brew

I use 1 tbsp per 200 mils of water, when I’m using the larger French press,to brew two cups of coffee. 

If I’m using the smaller French press to brew only a cup of coffee, I use 1 1/2 tbsp of coffee grinds in 200 mils of water. 

I add a drop of Ossoro Coffee essence before I add hot water. I boil water and allow a minute or two before I pour it over the coffee. 

Also plunge the French press filter down after a few minutes, gently, because invariably some coffee will pour out. 

Once you can smell the coffee brew, put some milk to heat. And in the saucepan itself, froth the milk with the milk frother. I use the one I got from Instacuppa. Once the milk is frothed,turn off the heat and tap the pan on the counter to eat off exess froth and pour over the coffee on a large mug. 

You can heat the milk and then froth in a mason jar by screwing the top tight and shaking the jar and yourself with all you’ve got. Make sure you fill it up half full only. 

Or if you’ve a steamer, pop cold milk into a frothing jug and steam . Use that to pour into the cup .

Add sugar or sprinkle drinking chocolate, Cocoa powder or cinnamon to taste. 

If you’ve got any Flavor syrups, pour them into the cup, then add the coffee and then the milk. 

The essence,you can add it anytime,bec becbecathis is warm coffee, so it blends easily. 

For the real Vietnamese coffee, place ice cubes in a glass. 

Pour over 100 mils of the strong hot brew over them and generously slosh in condensed milk. 

For the affogato…

Make the French press brew with only 80 mils water to 1 1/2 tbsp coffee grinds.

Place two scoops vanilla ice cream in a glass and strain over the hot brew. 

Absolutely awesome. 

Soak slices of vanilla pound cake in your warm brewand top with vanilla ice cream and shaved chocolate for a cheats version of a tiramisu. 

Use this brew instead of hot water in your chocolate cakes and bake the most amazing cake in history ever.

The left over coffee brew, cool and freeze and use. 

The used coffee grinds can be dried under the sun and added to your pots where you grow your plants or compost them to be even more eco friendly.

I also add 8% coffee grinds ( sourdough bakers math) to my Sourdough bread for a coffee walnut or coffee chocolate chip bread. The coffee grinds loose their bitterness and become slightly sweet after the wild yeast acts on them.

When all else doesn’t tempt you, make that coffee ice cream with dulce de leche that I make ever so often.

And my face pack? Stir together I tsp coffee and 1 tbsp milk. Apply the mix on your fave and neck. 

Allow it to dry. With wet hands and gentle circular motion scrub off the coffee grinds. Wash with cold water. 

The lactic acid in the milk removes tan, the vitamins in the coffee are great for skin,also caffeine in the coffee is a great pick me up. 

Mix 1 tbsp coffee with 1 tbsp caster sugar and 1 tsp olive oil, use this alternatively as a face and body scrub. 

Never say I don’t share my secrets with you, EVER! 

Move away from the bitter taste of instant coffee and start experimenting with the real coffee now. You’ll thank me for it someday. 

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All images are mine ,that I’ve taken over the days .


Fruit Salad With Passionate Fruit Tea Baketitude
Coffee Ice Cream Eggless baketitude


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