Hummus with Chilli Oil and Pinenuts

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When you run out of olive oil ,instead of going shopping, you look for alternatives.

Whatever else I may be, lazy I’m certainly not. But there are times when you just must have something at home…You don’t really have a choice. And as Kanchan Bhartari is not my neighbor anymore, I can’t call up and expect my current neighbors to have what I need..So sometimes I need to Innovate.

And innovative thoughts bring change. Which is good. And I did have their bottle of chilli oil staring at me for the longest time. 

I make chilli oil by adding a few button chillies and kashmiri chillies to a bottle of canola oil and allow the flavor to enrich the oil.
And keep the bottle in the sun for a few days… You can keep keep them whole or run them in the mixie…

That red colour really shines through.




Hummus is a  condiment. A general by the rule hummus has tahini ,boiled chickpeas or garbanzo beans, garlic ,lemon juice ,salt and zataar , liberally doused in extra virgin olive oil and paprika.

Serve it as part of the mezze platter with pita , falafel , vegetable sticks or whatever your heart desires.

I keep a bottle in the fridge. We make chickpeas almost every week,so this works as a good way to use extra chickpeas.

If you don’t want to use canned, boil your own.

Soak 1 cup dried chana or chickpeas overnight or for at least 2 hours. Drain that water and Place 4 cups water, 1 tsp salt ,1/2 tsp ajwain seeds and 2 black cardamom.

One whistle on high and 15-20 minutes on simmer will give you cooked chickpeas.

The black cardamon and ajwain are added to help the tummy digest this easily without any extra gas.

 That’s what my mum taught me. And that’s what I do with all the beans .


For this bowl

Hummus with Chilli Oil and Pinenuts

You need

1 cup boiled drained chickpeas
2 tbsp each pinenuts and sunflower seeds
1 tsp tahini
5 garlic cloves and
2 tbsp chilli oil
With lemon juice ,salt and zataar to taste.

You can use store bought/bottled tahini or even make tahini at home.

Toast 5 tbspn sesame seeds and grind them with olive oil and water in a coffee grinder. Store in a clean glass jar and use. Keep refrigerated.
Churn aLil the ingredients in a food processor with a little chickpea boiling liquid or water if needed and enjoy.

You20170220032816_IMG_0451 can add some more chilli oil while grinding also.
A super easy, high protein spread for bread or paranthas or dosa . .
Or use it as a dip for your carrot sticks
Its healthy but certainly not low in calories, because of the amount of oil and nuts in the hummus.
You can omit the nuts, but they give a very nice flavour to the hummus and make it creamer.

I store hummus in a glass jar in the fridge. Plastic or Tupperware begins to stink after a while. I’ve used 5 cloves of garlic. You may use more or less…

It’s a matter of personal taste.

And good health.

Super healthy and super yum..


It is a little different from your regular hummus. But worth the change.


Coz life is what you bake of it.

Challah Bread with Garlic
Cadbury Silk Oreo Launch


  1. I love Hummus with almost evreything Your post and pictures just make me tempted to try out some today itself

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