Kinnow Cheesecake- Egg less Orange Cheesecake

Dhania Paneer Herb-alicious,Cottage Cheese-
Spinach Tadka Raita
I didn’t know that…
I thought Kinnows were totally Desi…(I didn’t even know kinnows were spelt like so…I always added 2 o’s)
But,as facts would have it…they are not.Totally Californian…totally imported.
I remember not so long ago when imported used to be so hip!
So hip and happening…as is this cheesecake!

I had a tried and tested recipe…garnered from various tastings,but into this one I incorporated some bits from Good Food India’s version.Few basics ,which are standard,and the look….I love the kinnows….Sadly there weren’t too many at home,oranges have a different flavour from Kinnows.I didnt want mixed flavours…
The cheese cake sinks if you go overboard with the juice ..So,I added a tsp of gelatin to stabalise the liquid.To save my back basically….
You want clean slices of the cheesecake…not muddled pies on the plate.
And here, A shot of cheesecake shots…
NO Egg,
NO Alcohol.

Many shots in the background.

The only misnomer here…you cant take a shot at this…you need to spoon it out!
Been really busy ,or as sweet sister says…”BeeGy” didn’t have time to post a blog…
Lots going around…who has the time to surf the net?Not me at least.So by the time this weekend is over there will be a slew of posts…

For the
Kinnow Cheesecake-Egg less…

you need

1 packet Digestive biscuits(I used Mc vities-230 gm pack. Bipasha Basu will not be happy with what I did to them)
100 gms butter
1 tsp vanilla essence
200 gms caster sugar+2 tsp grain sugar
600 gms cream cheese(since I live in Ranchi,cream cheese is non existent-I used fresh Paneer/homemade cottage cheese)
200gms whipped cream
2 kinnows
1 tsp gelatin powder
1 star anise
Juice of 1 lemon(optional)

I started with the digestive biscuits,in my new found best friend my 14 year old food processor!Whizz..

Into the crumbs or biscuit powder,add the 2 tsp sugar and the vanilla essence.Again whizz..

That’s 100 gms of butter,all melted in the microwave.

Poured into the biscuit crumbs.Don’t skimp on the butter,that’s why the shot glasses…less crust!If you put any less butter,the base will be soggy..and squiggly and wet!

Once all mixed,a tsp of the base mix into the glasses,pressed down…

And into the tummy of the waiting mommy pie dish….this one has a loose lots of Mommy’s with loose “bottoms”.Now these need to chill at least till your filling is ready.

These are the two Kinnows,I peeled using my Victorinox(of the Swiss army knife fame)peeler….tres fine!Forgive me my errors,I know not how to add the accents to my letters…

The rind/zest I chopped really fine…and more than a tsp I added to the cheesecake.I love the marmalade like taste.

These are the seedless Kinnows,one I juiced and the other I used for the presentation.

That’s the gelatin ,1 tsp into the juice of one Kinnow.Let that juice mix sit in a bigger bowl of hot water,this has to go in at the end,so it needs to stay warm.

Gelatin soaking in all the juices….

Food processor bowl,cleaned.Into this I dumped the paneer- home made and the chopped rind of the kinnow.To this I added most of the sugar…..The rest I taste and add as I go along.Whizz really fine..

It took me at least 8-9 minutes.You don’t want a grainy texture….so keep the food processor on till its nice and creamy.

That’s the cream ,whipped.

Into the bowl and again whizzed.Now add the juice and gelatin mix,whizzing well to incorporate it into the cheesecake filling.After tasting,I added the juice of one lemon,I like things tart…you may need two…or none.Basically,keep tasting.That’s why one should never trust a skinny cook.

And pour into the waiting mummy dish and the shot glasses…

Into the fridge to chill.In the meanwhile,with a very sharp knife,slice the kinnows,and put a few shreds of the rind with the slices in a bowl.

The remaining sugar,rind and star anise in a bowl with half a cup of water,I zapped in the microwave for 5 minutes to get a watery syrup.

Which I pronto poured onto the sliced kinnows.The flavours steeped,at this point some vodka would have really added a strong kick…

Now the Cheesecake had been chilling for 4 hours and was firm.I added some slices in a circle and poured a bit of the syrup on the Cheesecake.If the syrup is thick it will form a nice sheen…but mine was not,it was runny as the waters of a brook…men may come and men may go and all that….yup ,I know, Lord Tennyson(well read, I am)

I cut the remaining kinnows into pieces and topped the shot glasses.I also added some basil leaves for the wow factor.Was it wow??
Wait to be invited to my place for dinner…you’ll love the company and the food!

Try the Cheesecake…and get drunk without the alcohol for a change……..

So what are you baking today???

Dhania Paneer Herb-alicious,Cottage Cheese-
Spinach Tadka Raita

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