Kiwi Smoothie and the first Summer Holiday

Walnut Chutney in Yogurt (Akhrot Chutney)-A Taste of Kashmir
Amarkhand, Mango Srikhand with Mascarpone
North India is under the strongest possible heat wave ,with temperatures projected to cross 47C ,maybe upwards to 50C. Horror of horrors,the humidity levels in Punjab,India are also rising ,with the monsoons nowhere in sight.
But we need to grin and bear it.
After ages,I am home for an unhurried,chilled(pun intended) healthy ,fruity breakfast. Breakfast with yogurt and fruit and honey and Yo Yo Honey Singh blaring out Sunny Sunny from the speakers and a book or two beside me.

 Kiwi and Cherries and Apricots and some cusp and hybrid of plums and tangerines and nectarines and apricots are on sale by the roadside on NH22 at this time of the year. We just got back after a weekend visit with the in laws,and the best things to carry back are these pretty stone fruit.
Plump and juicy , they need to be eaten ASAP or made into various preserves or puddings or drinks.

 As always ,I am scouting healthier alternatives. Its too hot to slave around the gas stove and make a preserve anyways.So a better thing to do…

 Yes ,the two books. As diverse as diverse as can be. Me, I like Mr Coelho and his philosophy and his words,but I cant push dear M. Hercule Poirot and his accent away. I am a total LSD kind of a person. I love books and words and stories, but when the books are all about Love ,Sex and Dhokha(betrayal for those who speak no Hindi),I love them even more.
So Murder takes a precedence, always.
What joy,to hold a book or two in my hand and slurp from a glass full of green smoothie and relax.
No railroad crossing to cross, no register to sign and no paperwork to do.
Thank god for summers and thank you god for this well deserved break.

 The smoothie is so thick and smooth that the Kiwi fruit I balled and the cherry I floated in the glass actually floated.
Try it.
Its good for your gut and your skin and hair and your general disposition.
And it is low in calories.

for the

Kiwi Smoothie and the first Summer Holiday…

you need

2 ripe kiwi fruit
3/4 cup yogurt
honey to taste
5-6 cubes of ice

I use my blender jar after “blending” a bit of hot water ,as it rids the jar of any stale odors or bits of whatever was left behind.
Start with peeling the kiwi. You can just wash and pop the kiwi after quartering it too,the peel is good. Me, I peeled .
Yogurt and ice and honey and kiwi into the jar and blended well…

 Poured into a tall glass and served…

 That cookie jar has Oat Cookies as a treat for sweet dog Romeo,and cherries I love.
I love most fruit,except mangoes. I find them highly overrated.

This is an old old stoneware plate,which has these beautiful cracked patterns…sweet child can find his monsters and heroes here.
The imagination of the young ones is spectacular.
Since these kiwi were sourced from Himachal,that makes me a locavore!
Try this…kiwi is usually too tart to eat alone. The yogurt ensures that all vitamins and omega 3 acids get absorbed by your body.
Check this page.
So what are you baking today???
Walnut Chutney in Yogurt (Akhrot Chutney)-A Taste of Kashmir
Amarkhand, Mango Srikhand with Mascarpone

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