Knock Knock ,Its Christmas Time

Marble Bundt Cake with Almond Flour
Turmeric Latte with Mother Dairy Extra Premium Milk

Its only October,but its a Sunday morning that revolves around Christmas cake and bottles and bottles of spirits . That can only be the promise of a fabulous time, right?

Sunday….poolside …Sound good yet???


img-20161016-wa0065This is all about a cake mixing ceremony at The Latit, with the FBAI and good food. Since I was driving,there were only a few drops of champagne.

Nope, I am not planning to tell all of a drunken binge.





I’m going to just reveal what goes into a few thousand christmas cakes. At the poolside of The Lalit, sunning itself, was this giant tub filled with a dried fruits, nuts and spice mix.




It was almost like making mud pies.


p_20161016_132758And sitting next to that tub were almost 60 litres of Rum, whiskey , brandy,wine and beer…

Champagne to drink and spirits to pour. What could be better? Well,the mixing. Gloves and chef hats donned, everyone wanted to dig in. And use some muscle power because we needed to eat later. 

So ,mix we did. All the guests at the poolside did just that. Dig in to discover prunes, apricots, cashew nuts,almonds, raisins , sultanas, tutti fruiti and a whole load of cinnamon and ginger powder. Apparently all the muscle power employed by the guests was not enough, because the apprentice chefs had tobecalled in to do the final mix. 

So much for the chamagne.I’ve not had so much fun with alcohol without drinking it ,ever. There were rivers and rivers of rum that flowed. And the chef’s hats flew off faster than we could hold on to them. p_20161016_133139_bfAnd by the end of the run, well all us bloggers were famished.

The basic ratio the pastry chefs and master Baker’s work on?

Almost 200 kg of fruit mixed into approximately 60 litres of alcohol. So there was a massive punch party in that fruit tray ,that afternoon.

This will be macerated 45 days in sealed glass containers. After the 45th day,the baking begins. Almost 1000 cakes will be made with this dry fruit mix. 

And before they appear for sale around Christmas,these cakes will sit and mellow in their own flavors atleast 10 days. But then the effort will be worth it. So we’ll wait for that Christmas cake.

The occasion was the introduction of The Lalit Boulangerie to the bloggers. Well, the breads were well presented and well baked . The Boulangerie will be offering affordable breads ,even speciality breads like rye breads and sourdough breads at not so expensive prices. So if you’re in the vicinity,make it a point to sample out their breads. 20161024_191857

At the brunch….well, I always start with Dessert.

And the regular dessert appetizers appear here too. Hazelnut brownies,macarons, berry pannacotta,cheesecake,tiramisu  and even red velvet cake.

What took the cake for me was the baked passion fruit yogurt. And the mango gelato with passion fruit sauce. 20161024_191726

And then came the awesomeness. Dum ka Bater . Quail. That gamey meat was just amazing. It had been marinated for more than 24 hours and was slow cooked and then lightly fried on the tawa or gridle with ghee. It tasted absolutely fabulous.

It’s so easy to get that wrong,but I guess the prep and cook was Perfect .

Accompanying that was the Biryani. Sorry, I was too busy eating to take pictures of the deliciousness of the Dum Awadhi Lamb Biryani.


And to accompany that the Dum Awadhi Lamb Biryani. Succulent and flavorful ,with the rice perfectly cooked and seasoned and the meat falling off the bone.p_20161016_135518 

Smokey paneer tikkas and chicken tikkas at the table… I follow these guidelines while eating out.p_20161016_141325

Stay non vegetarian and eat dessert. Paneer tastes the same everywhere and I make better breads than most.

So I definitely skipped the  paneer, but when I saw the crumb of the rye bread ,I had that. And a bit more than I should have.

Ooh there was so much bread around…and so well displayed.

And I also tried some ravioli with a pumpkin and butter sauce with walnuts and asparagus. The ravioli was filled with cheese….so the sauce was yummier.p_20161016_140109 Personally,I like ravioli with mushrooms.

By the end of the meal, I was stuffed. But had chosen to drive. To add to the awesomeness, Mumbai roads were free and the 35 km drive took less than an hour.

On that dessert table was a Puff Pastry Apple Pie crumble, which was one of the best I have tasted in  the longest time.

So, I took a picture or twelve,but none of them are good enough for the post.


Being super inspired ,I made Puff Pastry Pizza the very next day.

And also a simple apple pie…that will be coming up soon.


My complements to The Lalit for an amazing Christmas cake Mixing experience and a fabulous Dum Awadhi Lamb Biryani … and best wishes for the Lalit Boulangerie.

And a thank you to Ms Namrata Kumar for being an extremely gracious hostess.


Marble Bundt Cake with Almond Flour
Turmeric Latte with Mother Dairy Extra Premium Milk

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