Lemon Cheesecake Starfruit and Ossoro Indian Lemon

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Cheesecake is a perfect summer dessert. Come to think of it, its a perfect winter dessert. And if you’re making an eggless cheesecak, it takes only as much time as it needs to set.

But then the boys in my house don’t like waiting for it to set, for them it must be made instantly.  So theres never any point in an agar agar or gelatin set cheesecake. because they’ll scoop out the still setting dessert. Hence, the only way I can keep the dessert to set and manage to take some pictures is by making small sized portions ….almost as an amuse bouche.

So they’ll have a few bites and have the satisfaction that the dessert is done according to their taste and they can look forward to eating spoons and bowls full of their desserts.

Lemon tarts, lemon cheesecakes, Key lime Pies are some of sweet child’s favourite desserts, apart from  fudgy flaky crust milk chocolate brownies.

So this was the turn of them citrus, tart ,rich and absolutely lip puckering good cheesecake. A wee bit deconstructed in the wine glasses, but fully set in the tart dish, this dessert is a cross between the Key Lime pie and a lemon cheesecake.I made my first key lime pie with egg yolk to thicken and set the custard, but with the time it takes to cook the yolks and make the custard and the omnipresence of that one person who does’nt eat eggs, forced me to come up with an eggless key lime pie version.

We used condensed milk and cream and lime juice-these small limes that are more fragrant and have really thin skins. But these fragrant citrusy limes or lemons arent often available in the market. 

Also the aromas of the essential oils disappear so soon that by the time you slice into the cheesecake or pie you really cant smell the aroma of the lemons. So when I looked through the stash of essences that I have ,I found the Ossoro Indian Lemon essence and I knew that that was the answer to my queries. 

You need to just open the lid to smell containers upon containers of lemons. The aroma is sharp and tangy and so very lemony. So replacing the vanilla essence I used the Ossoro Indian Lemon in the cheesecake batter. I also add a drop to my green tea. It takes care of waking me up . 

Just 6-7 drops were enough for this cheesecake, any extra overpowers the natural sweetness of the cream cheese. There’s no need to zest the lemon for this cheesecake.

The starfruit is my all time love. It just adds another dimension of sourness. That sourness cuts through the rich cream and sugar to make a refreshing bite. Especially with slow roasted sweet potatoes or shakkerkandi.

If you find it, do try it. Its extremely underrated. Lip Puckeringly so!

You can use home made cottage cheese or buy a tub of cream cheese. I like to make the cheese at home, only because I can control the amount of fat that goes in and I know there are no preservatives. If you make the cheese at home, bring 2 litres of milk to a gentle boil. Add 1 tbsp lemon juice and keep stirring till all the milk separates and you have a greenish whey .Drain and press out the whey with a little force. You want the curds to be soft not rock solid. So just 20 minutes of draining the whey are good. You’ll have approximately 400 gms of cottage cheese. Allow to cool till warm enough to handle.

for the 

Lemon Cheesecake Starfruit and Ossoro Indian Lemon

you need

3 * 100 gms pack of digestive cookies 

100 gms melted butter

1 tbsp chopped pistachio

1 sliced starfruit, 

1/2 cup lemon juice

225 mils milk cream-non dairy cream will not give the same richness as it will not curdle and set

400 gms cream cheese or the cottage cheese you made

1 cup or less powdered sugar

6 drops Ossoro Indian Lemon essence

mint leaves and lemon slices for garnish

Pinch salt

Blitz the cookies in a mixer jar till powdery. Remove to a big bowl . Add the butter and mix to form bread crumb like texture. 

Place a spoon full each at the bottom of 2 wine glasses. Do not press them down.

The remaining, press it down into the bottom and sides of a loose bottom tart dish or pie dish. Press down neatly to form the crust. Place in the fridge to chill while you make the filling.

Rinse the Mixer jar and place the cottage cheese. Add more than half the sugar and blitz till super smooth. You will need to add the lemon juice to help you along the way. You want a creamy, grain free ,cheesy mixture. Taste the mix for sugar. It should be sweeter than what you want. Add the essence and run again.

If you’re using store bought cheese, whisk( in a bowl with an electric whisk)the cream cheese with powdered sugar. You may not need to add all the lemon juice , just save a little. Add in the essence and whisk again.

Whisk the dairy cream over ice till you have peaks. Try and whip to stiff peaks….keeping on ice. You dont want butter. Add two spoons of the remaining sugar and whisk.

Fold the cream into the cottage cheese /cream cheese mixture . Spoon some over the cookie mix in the glasses. You can also pipe it in. Sprinkle the chopped pistachio over the cheesecake for the wow factor.

Scrape the mixture into the prepped tart dish and chill at least overnight..

Just before service, place the slices of lemon and starfruit and mint leaves. Slice with a knife dipped in hot water(wiping after each cut) for clean slices.

Be sure to smell the Indian lemon before you take a bite. And then bite into a luscious ,creamy , lemony cheesecake. Eggless and not too sweet, this is a light dessert thats comparatively lower in sugar than the desserts you get from your local pattiserie. 

After all the research I’m doing, I’d be happy IMHO eating healthier, non GMO , dairy fats instead of soy non dairy cream than eating buckets of sugary desserts available. Again, I’m not a doctor, just being reading a lot. And dairy cream is sweeter and needs less sugar. hence,its tastier.

So this lemon cheesecake gets my vote. The starfruit is a great addition. You dont need that loose bottomed rectangular pie dish I bought from amazon, linked below. You can make individual portions in gorgeous glasses or bowls. Its not where you set the cheesecake, but whem you do.

So make it now. And please tag #baketitude if you do. Share pictures and connect with me on Instagram or facebook. Look forward to seeing your pictures.

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Rectangle Pie dish

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