Masala Boti Kebab……Sindhi Ke Tikke…

Cauliflower Manchurian...Gobi Manchurian
Palmiers/Elephant Ears/French Hearts/Whatever Cookies

Boti Kebab…Nice little awesomely flavoured chunks of meat!

Now DOUBLE the flavour,hike up the aroma and let it all buzz,with a glass of chilled beer…anything for that matter…..even a simple Pepsi will do!


All that fizz really adds the buzz to the hot tikkas…and what about the Sindhi Ke Tikke….Well there is this little hole in the wall in a small DDA market in Shalimar Bagh,Delhi.This man sits near the butchers shop ,opens his counters at the first hint of darkness and on most days is sold out in an hour.
He has only about 5 kg of marinated Boti kebabs,a cauldron full of piping hot mutton gravy and a huge Tawa.
He does his magic,and the people come like rats following the wafting aromas ,also dragged by the TAK TAK on his tawa(the metallic clanging of the spatula on the huge tawa…)and the pied piper that he is,he sells all his wares(was this something to do with the Baker boy rhyme???I forget!…my Son is almost 12 years old and the sing song rhymes are all in the past behind us) and pockets all the moolah and heads home laughing his pants off!
How do I know all this??
We too were led  to the tikkas and have made a meal of them many a night.Oh and BTW,have seen Sindhi make them millions of times.
Memories,all alone in the moonlight…
ya…hardly Barbara Streisand stuff ,but  the song is really powerful.


All of the desi, punjabi ,bhangra loving folks…this one tastes super with the tikkas…


I so love the translations….Anyway to get back to 
The Masala Boti Kebab……Sindhi Ke Tikke…
you need
1 onion chopped finely
2 tsp  tomato puree
1 tsp finely chopped ginger and garlic
some coriander and green chili chopped finely
1/2 tsp coriander powder
1/2  cup prepared gravy from any mutton/chicken/fish/vegetable curry dish(I used gravy from a Mutton Rogan Josh)
salt and red chili flakes to taste
juice of half a lemon
1 tsp desi ghee(clarified butter ) or butter
this is what the boti-kebab look like….
now for the fun stuff.

On a flat non stick pan or Tawa heat the ghee or butter.


To this add the chopped onion and ginger and garlic.Remember,its all on high heat.

Salt and coriander powder,helps to cook the onions faster.

Now the tomato puree….
And the prepared tikkas…along with the red chili flakes.


That’s the Mutton Rogan Josh.

Added to the pan,while all this amalgamates,add some HOT water,and mix really well.

Cover and let simmer till the fat all separates.

Garnish with the coriander and green chillies.I need to let them warm through,after all,I suffer from the “ hubby dear and his cranky dislike of fresh dhania or coriander ” syndrome.

Served with a lot of sliced and spiced and ‘lemoned” onions….

Close up….Lateral View.

This does not need any Chutney or sauce,and its generally a mistake to serve them as snack….There is never any leftover for the host”ess”.
Make ’em when you are not expecting guests…you’ll get a taste of Shalimar Bagh….and they say that Chandni Chowk has the best stuff…

Cauliflower Manchurian...Gobi Manchurian
Palmiers/Elephant Ears/French Hearts/Whatever Cookies

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