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Masala chai to drink and masala chai to eat.

To eat chai is going to be better.
All of you who love drinking tea will understand the fascination I have for the perfect balance between, tea, milk ,spices and water. So I’ve been trying to do a dessert with Chai for the longest time. But I’ve realised that every time you cool or chill brewed tea,it sort of looses its life. It’s a sad expression of itself. 
Pale and flavourless ,it often becomes bitter. So like I said ,I’ve tried to bake it in Cakes and Cookies and in a random cheesecakes. 
So this is the fruit of my labor with a little help. 
I realised that cold tea needs a little help. Of some spices. 
So I used the Ossoro  Masala Chai Essence.  So it’s primarily the essence of the spices we add in Masala Chai. 
The tea flavor needed another carrier. 
So I tried something else. 
I brewed a very strong concoction of tea leaves without the spices and then steeped the same liquid and 
Tea leaves with cream.
That gave the cream a little cutting chai colour and brought a lovely flavour to the pannacotta. 
And the pannacotta can be made with Agar agar or with gelatin. The substitution ratio is exactly the same, the only difference is the melting of the gelatin and the heating of the agar agar. 
When you use gelatin,the process which you must follow, is the technique called “blooming”. So place a small amount of water in a bowl. over that water, sprinkle the gelatin.
Leave that gelatin undisturbed for a while-around 10 minutes. the gelatin grains will absorb the water and it will form a translucent gel.
Now place the bowl in a pan of simmering water. the gelatin will melt and form a slimy liquid. If you mix this in a cold liquid you want to set,the melted gelatin will streak . And the dessert will not set.
So you need to keep appropriate temperature when mixing the gelatin in.
While using Agar Agar, you must let the agar powder sit for 15 minutes and then cook the agar for atleast 4 minutes after the liquid comes to a boil.
You can strain the liquid and allow it to cool before you pour it into the setting dishes. Sometimes I use silicone domes and sometimes in aluminium moulds. But for this , since it was steeped tea,I prefered to use silicone.
use the blend of tea that you like and try the Ossoro Chai Spice essence. A few drops does the trick..
Add the drops when the cream is cool. Not hot.
Lets make the Masala Chai Pannacotta.
2 small portions come out of this, feel free to double the portions.
For the 
Masala Chai Pannacotta.
you need
140 mils cream
60 mils full fat milk
50 mils water
1-2 tsp black tea leaves
3-4 tbsp sugar -or brown sugar
1 1/4  tsp agar agar 
6-7 drops Ossoro Masala Chai Essence
Bring the water to a boil. Add the tea leaves and allow them to boil a bit.,
Strain the liquid into another glass and allow it cool. 
Place the cream, milk and sugar in a saucepan and allow it to simmer till the sugar melts. 
Add the agar agar to the tea and mix well.
Mix this in the cream mixture. Mix well and cook for at least 3-4 minutes. 
The cream will will have taken on a gorgeous tea colour.
Strain into a jug and allow to cool.
Mix in the ossoro essence.
Pour into greased aluminium moulds or a silicone mould and let it set in the fridge atleast 4 hours.
Once they’ve set, demould and serve.
It smells of aromatic chai and tastes delisciously of spices.
Eating chai is an great experience all together. The brown sugar lends an earthy flavour.
Also ,if you wish to make this dessert a keto dessert, its easily converted to a keto dessert. 
Just replace the sugar wit Keto Friendly Erythritol for a Low Carb Keto Dessert.
Replace Sugar with equal quantity of erythritol. Taste as you go on.

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Easy Keto Gluten Free Cinnamon Cookies
Easy Eggless Holi Dessert Lemon Posset with Strawberry and Thyme Jam


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