Masala Lemon Soda with Ossoro

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The British get worked up when their summer temperature crosses 31C and we’ve not even begun to sweat yet. Indians can tolerate temperatures up to 45C, with the same hysterical curses like them British. 

The biggest leveller for us, I believe is our diet. And the fact that we add spices to almost everything we intake. Our meals are loaded with a million types of spices. We even add spices to our tea and milk.

And then you do know about the list of things that goes into the Pani Puri. 

The ancients got it all right. There’s a reason why all that earthy, grassy, Herby stuff is added into our food. According to the weather the spices balance our body temperatures from within trying to maintain the chi- the balance of energy within. 

Cumin seeds when roasted are cooling. 

Mint of course has cooling properties. Along with that, they also balance the digestion imbalance that our diets create. 

Rock salt balances the electrolytes.

But hey you already knew that. Google told you, didn’t she???

Yup, according to me Google is a woman. 

She knows everything. Always.

What you don’t know is that all of these have essential oils and essences. 

And these oils capture the fragrance and the essence of the spice. Read more about it here.

These aromas hold the secret of all your unanswered questions. So many research papers are written about the effect of aromas on our moods and emotions.

And I am no researcher or scientist, but I know that when I smell the aroma of the essential oi of lemons and fresh roasted ground cumin and black salt. A tiny bit of pepper and the smell of the soda mixing with the sugar and the spices and just wafting.

That’s really the nostalgia talking. There was a time, before mineral water became freely available, we would all buy Banta or Masala soda from the road side vendors. That was something special, right?

Fizzy, aromatic and spicy.

But even when we make the masala soda at home, mostly we never get that aroma or taste. Because either our masala a is not right or we just don’t have the patience to do the fresh masala business when we want to make the Masala Soda.

So Ossoro has the best solution for you.

A 30ml bottle of Masala soda essence which will bring back the memories and the same magic to that one glass of soda, that you’ve been longing for.

And for one glass of masala soda you only need 3 drops.

So, you can imagine how many glasses of masala soda magic you can experience this season.

I make this version Masala Soda.

You can omit the sugar syrup, if you are sugar free like me, but the balance of salt and sugar is supposed to balance the electrolytes in your body.

For 2 servings of  


Masala Lemon Soda with Ossoro


You need


2 tbsp Sugar syrup

2-3 lemons

Pinch black salt

Lots of Ice

1 bottle chilled club soda

Few drops Ossoro Masala Soda Essence

A few lemon leaves and lemon slices to garnish


Boil 1 cup sugar with 2 cups water till the sugar dissolves and the liquid is about three quarters left.

Cool and bottle in a clean glass jar/bottle.

Store in the fridge up to 2 weeks. Use as needed.

Pour the sugar syrup in two glasses.

Squeeze the lemons into the glass. Sprinkle over the salt.

Add two spoons each soda into the glasses and stir well to mix it all in.

Add 3-3 drops of Ossoro Essence into each glass.

Gently bruise the leaves and lemon slices and place in glass or alternatively you can sit the lemon slice on the rim of the glass.

Fill the glasses with ice cubes.

Top with the club soda, gently stir.

First Inhale and enjoy the essence of summer and lemonades and nimbus sodas and your childhood and good times.

Then take a sip.

And tell me you don’t agree with me and my theory that aromas are more important as the presentation.

And someone needs to send a few glasses of our Masala Soda to the Britishers. They’ll be able to handle temperatures higher than 31 degrees then.

Ossoro essences are available on their website and also on Amazon. Click on the picture below to take you to the product directly.

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