Mutton Raarah-Rara Meat Inspired by Jiggs Kalra

Challah Bread Revisited-Egg Less/Egg Free Daring Bakers Challenge May Part II
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Classic Punjabi Cuisine.
Spicy and succulent.
After all that mango and chocolate , spicy Mutton Raarah-Rara Meat is so needed.

I am one of those who love their sweet before the meal, after the meal, between two meals-whenever!…that way you have the best of everything.Sweet and then the spice that lingers.
Now what is  amazing is the aroma that penetrates every object in your house. The knowledge that what you are making is akin to manna from heaven.
Everything else on the table goes untouched…and there are no leftovers.
Sad, that means you have to toil over the hot stove again.

Well, a woman’s job is never done…even before the meal ends ,one begins to contemplate about the next.I actually love leftovers…
But this also tells you that you did a great job.
So a pat on the back from me!
This recipe is courtesy the gr8 Jiggs Kalra from his book, Prasad_Cooking with the Indian Masters.(with a few minor changes)
I may have names the book incorrectly in the past so will return and edit.
Simple, as few ingredients as possible and requiring a lot of muscle power. The best way for the chef to keep his muscles strong…make something that involves a lot of stirring.
One kilo for five people…thank god I did not make the rotis that day…otherwise it would have been rolling forever.

for the

Mutton Raarah-Rara Meat Inspired by Jiggs Kalra…

you need

1 kilo assorted cuts of  mutton
1 cup thick yogurt/curd
150 mils ghee/clarified butter/mustard oil
1 generous cup thinly sliced onions
5 tsp ginger garlic paste
1/3 cup fresh tomato puree
1 1/2 tsp salt(you may need more or less)
2 -3 tsp red chilli flakes/powder
5 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp turmeric
4 black cardamom
10 green cardamom
2-4 bay leaves
for the tempering
1 tsp ghee
1 tsp cumin seeds/jeera
3-4 whole dry red chillies

Experience is a fantastic teacher…wisdom! I’ve realised that if you marinate the mutton for 10 to 12 hours the  results are fantastic. So I did.
The mutton and the thick yogurt/curd mixed together in a glass bowl, cover and dumped in the fridge overnight.This is the morning after pic…looks a little worse for the wear I know.

That is all the spice you need. And the bay leaves are fresh off the bushel.

You should use ghee…the flavours are amazing with that. If you are young and restless and do not have to worry about cholesterol USE ghee….if you are catering to the tottering(tottering between health and good taste)…go for mustard oil or even olive oil. A neutral oil will not lend Anything to the dish.Heat the oil and pop the  cardamom etc and after they swell and explode ,add the onions and the salt.

That is the ginger and garlic and pound the living daylights out of them and collect around 5 tsp of the paste.

Once the onions are translucent, pop the ginger and garlic in. Just ensure that you do not do all This on high heat. Stir a bit and prepare yourself for the next step.

The ancient cooks of the Punjab seemed to love coriander. Almost all the recipes are coriander centric. Probably because this gives an earthy taste to the food and thickens the gravy. These are the dry spices.

Add half cup water to this and mix well. Now wait for the onions to cook to a brown crisp colour…don’t burn them…and when the onion mix is done pour the spices into the pan stirring constantly. The chili will not burn and will cook the turmeric and coriander.

Once the oil separates add mutton, marinade juices and all. On high heat, stir till it comes to a boil .

On a low heat keep stirring…and stirring…this is after half an hour. Did I mention it was a long process??

And this is after about an hour, if you think the mutton is dry, add a couple of tablespoons of hot water.Keep stirring, keep stirring!

That is the tomato puree..

After about one more hour now add the tomato puree..and Keep stirring, keep stirring!

Check for the salt and spices…I added  more salt and chili flakes.

If you get tender mutton, the meat will have fallen off the bone by now…here in Ranchi ,no matter how much you cook the meat, it still needs a bit more. So one pressure with a cup full of water and now its ready. See the oil floating???

Now the pretty part. Dish out the mutton into a serving dish, heat the ghee(here use ghee!) and pop in the cumin seeds first , the chillies second.

Pour over the Mutton Raarah-Rara Meat. Mix lightly and …

Serve hot. With Roti, Naan or Paranthas.
No these are not fresh olives, but Jamuns..fresh from the  tree in my backyard.

This was enough for one person.
A Satisfied Person.

Hats off to Jiggs Kalra and hi partners for a wonderfull treasure trove of recipes. He loves his ghee lots…but then he would not be Punjabi if he didn’t. If you find the book, buy it….
If not stick to baketitude…
Never have any regrets.
So what are you baking today??? 
Challah Bread Revisited-Egg Less/Egg Free Daring Bakers Challenge May Part II
Egg Less No Bake Mango Cheesecake Baketitude


  1. Anonymous says:

    1 kg mutton was enough for one person? Must be some very healthy people in Ranchi.

  2. Sweet says:

    Hey anonymous 1 kg mutton is good for 5 people. ..when most people eat mutton they prefer only that…if the curry is good then even this is less. ..try it. .

  3. Sweet says:

    Hey anonymous 1 kg mutton is good for 5 people. ..when most people eat mutton they prefer only that…if the curry is good then even this is less. ..try it. .

  4. Good information on Indian recipe. thank you for sharing.
    chowringhee kathi roll

  5. Sweet says:

    thanks for visiting baketitude

  6. pragati says:

    You have explained it really well, Shalini! Although I don't eat meat any more, I can tell because I have struggled with mutton that does not cook soft enough many a time 🙂

    It is vital to cook out the yogurt, and I think using ghee will also help in softening the meat.

    The end result looks totally appetizing!

  7. Mouth simply watered seeing the finished pic……!!!!! I love this dish!!! It's been long time I haven't prepared it, this Sunday it's in my menu!!! Thanks a lot!

  8. selena gomez says:

    looks delicious, Lovely healthy version.
    restaurants in south delhi

  9. Sweet says:

    pragati thanks…mutton raarah is generally worth the effort

  10. Sweet says:

    Bhavani I hope your sunday meal was fantastic. thanks for visiting baketitude

  11. Lucky Sign says:

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  12. This is very delicious, i have to eat this item at my friend house its really amazing and beautiful in taste. thanks for sharing. chowringhee satya niketan menu

  13. This blog is looking repository of food and found here every kind of food. it looks beautiful and superb in taste. share more recipe with better information. restaurant near venkateshwar college

  14. Keshab says:

    Looks great but mutton raaraah is mutton cooked with mutton mince. Try it with mince added.

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