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Nutella is an indulgence at any point in time. 

Nutella brownies are an other level of indulgence altogether. 

Indulgent ,if you eat them once in a while. Sinful if you indulge often. 

So that is why I rarely make Nutella sea salt brownies. They form a gorgeous, light brown, delicious, papery, crust and they are fudgey when warm and taste almost like a cookie when you remove them the fridge.

This recipe makes 16 ,1-inch brownies. Almost 1 inch,that is. Because I use a 5 inch square tin. 

But that 1-inch bite of amazing ,pure Chocolate bliss, just lightly salted , sinfully indulgent brownie will take you to heaven and back. Craving just one more bite. 

And suddenly,the entire lot is gone. 

And then you realize that the bottle of Nutella is scraped clean. It couldn’t get sadder than that. 

So you trudge wearily to the neighborhood grocery to bring that bottle of Nutella. 


That Bliss can begin again. 

You can begin to make these brownies. All you need is willing indulgers in sin. 

These brownies are not cakey. The crust is flaky and light brown.

Two reasons.

The comparatively high sugar content.

The non addition of cocoa powder.

If you get that kind of flaky crustiness on top of your brownie ,it means that you have done a fantastic job. You deserve a pat on your back!

I avoid caster sugar for brownies .  That way I can reduce the amount of sugar used and also get an earthiness that enhances the chocolate flavour in the brownie. 

I also like to use sea salt. If you do not have sea salt ,use Himalayan pink salt. Please avoid iodised salt as that does nothing to enhance the flavour of the brownies.

I prefer to use raw Cane sugar but brown sugar,demerara sugar or muscovado will work fine. And if you don’t have anything, use regular sugar.

And this is a recipe to make again and again and again.

Because this is a small amount recipe I prefer to use a weighing scale instead of cup measures. 

It would be better if you stick to grams but I will also put in cup equivalents for you.

In my honest opinion-These brownies taste best when they are chilled… You can have them hot on a sizzler by Pan with a scoop of ice cream and Chocolate Sauce to drown the whole melting ice cream and Brownie experience.

Or you can have them warm, straight out of the oven. This recipe is inspired by Sallys Baking Blog, but I have made changes to suit my taste buds and the ingredients available in India.

You really need to try these.

Nutella Sea Salt Brownies-Baketitude

You need

1 egg

5 tbsp or 70 GM’s melted butter 

50 GM’s or ΒΌ cup raw Cane sugar / brown sugar or demararra sugar

1 large egg

1 tsp vanilla essence

175 GM’s or half bottle of Nutella warmed 

100 GM’s chopped dark chocolate 

Saw salt to sprinkle

45 GM’s or 3 tbsp all purpose flour or maida.

Grease and line a square 5 inch baking tin/ line with parchment paper. Aluminium Tin is better than a glass or silicone pan for baking brownies. Best leave an overhang of parchment paper, so that you are able to lift out the brownies without spoiling The crust.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees centigrade.

Melt the butter in the microwave. Ensure you don’t allow it to boil .Whisk in the sugar with the butter, lightly mix together to cool down the butter slightly. 

Now beat in the egg and the vanilla essence.

Lightly warm the Nutella over a double boiler so that it is able to blend in with the slightly warm butter, sugar and egg mixture. 

Lightly beat them together, now add in the chopped chocolate and the flour,fold well so that there are no pockets of flour left.

Scrape into the baking tin and spread evenly.

Now Sprinkle the sea salt.

I generally use salted butter, but if you use unsalted butter make sure you add at least a quarter teaspoon of salt with the sugar.

Place in the centre of the oven and bake still a knife/ skewer comes out clean. It takes me from 30 to 35 minutes for the brownies to bake.

Remove from the oven and cool up on a wire rack. Remove the brownies by simply lifting the overhang of the parchment paper and place on the wire rack to cool further .

Using a large knife, slice through your brownie making three or four cuts to make 9 or 16 pieces.

To get clean cuts… Make sure you dip the knife in warm water and wipe it clean between cuts.

If you like your brownies warm microwave them for 10 to 20 seconds and then enjoy.

The brownies are gooey and fudgey and super chocolatey with a hint of sea salt. 

That just tiny bit of sea salt flake makes a world of a difference.

Avoid using compound and use pure chocolate. Amul bitter chocolate or Belgian chocolate works wonderfully well with this.

The thin papery crust tells you that your brownie is absolutely perfect. An inch piece is enough to satisfy all your Nutella  and chocolate cravings for sometime. I avoid adding nuts, specially in this brownie recipe, because they interfere with the flavour of the hazelnut spread. However if you do have hazelnuts feel free to add a few spoons of chopped hazelnuts into the brownie.

When cold this brownie tastes just like  a Nutella sea salt cookie.

Go on try it. You can thank me later.

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Baked Gujiya Made Guilt Free_Baketitude
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