Atta Gingerbread Cookies Eggless With Molasses Baketitude

  Its Christmas time and it’s time to eat cookies and plum cake. No one to ask you why so much stuff is being baked and no one to tell you that it’s enough baking already. So, we bake. And we frost. I adore royal icing cookies. It’s just that I’ve done no frosting these Read More

Eggless Red Velvet Cake with French Vanilla Ossoro Baketitude

I never knew there was a difference between Vanilla and French vanilla. I do use Vanilla beans and I do use vanilla essence and extrace, but generally I use vanilla essence. I leave the vanilla beans for the Panna Cotta and I make my own vanilla essence by steeping the vanilla beans and the pods Read More

How to make Copycat Coffees Ossoro Baketitude

I absolutely adore coffee. Anyone can tell you that. Coffee runs through my veins. And I love buying coffee mugs and stufs forever. I had a beautiful collection of cups and french presses. I’ve a cappuccino maker too,but because that brand is not available in India, I’m unable to find a replacement for the filter. Read More

How to make a Smoothie Bowl Baketitude

Smoothie bowls are the best way to enjoy all the pretty things in the world for breakfast.  I’m a big fan of them and regularly post them on Instagram. I keep getting DMs and comments on how to get the best smoothie bowls,hence I thought of sharing a few essential tips in one blog post.  Read More

Saffron Risotto with Ossoro_Baketitude

  Sunshine is beautiful. Especially on a plate. This is the most beautiful plate of risotto ever. Well because I made it just like I like it. Most of the best restaurants in India serve risotto as a mushy mess on a plate. Just because there’s a pot load of parmesan shaved over mushy rice, Read More

Coffee Ice Cream Eggless baketitude

They say that you should love freely. And they say that you must let go of the one you love.  But no one tells you how to let go of your child… No one tells you that that’s  probably the most difficult thing you will ever do. I am strong. I have made myself like Read More

Anzac Ginger Cookies Eggless with Ossoro Baketitude

    Anzac biscuits are possibly the easiest biscuits to make. These are eggless biscuits. Chunky and wholesome, they make a great snack. They go equally well with cold milk and hot coffee and they go especially well with tea.  That tea that we drink, the one that has ginger and all the masalas.  I Read More

Buckwheat Almond laddu kuttu laddu Baketitude

Buckwheat flour is nutty when roasted with Desi ghee or burnt butter. There’s just an aromatic taste that you’ll never find in any other gluten free flours. Even the Singhara or water chestnut flour doesn’t come close. Now that I have been using so much alternative flours for baking, I wanted to try it out in Read More

Samak Samvat Rice Arancini Baketitude

#navratri2018 Today is the fifth day of fasting and I’m fairly sick of eating only fruit. I’ve been craving something crisp and yummy.  But I don’t want to eat anything so heavy that I’m unable to digest it. The idea of the fasts is restraint, right…so I planned to do a little experiment.  I made Read More

Rabdi Kulfi Ossoro Essence and Baketitude

There’s always a great drama with picture taking for every Instagram and every blog post ever. There’ll always be the different plate and a different kitchen towel and looking for light. But this is the first time after ages that I had to take pictures for the blog and Instagram with only my smartphone. No Read More

Buckwheat Crepe Tacos with Asian Style Stir Fry Baketitude

Jai Mata Di! The Sharad Navratri begins from tomorrow. And we’re looking forward to seven days of fasting and nine days of festivities For Hindus, every month brings a  new set of festivals and celebrations. Our faith allows us reverance of so many Gods and Goddesses and each time we bow our head before our Read More

Pistachio Rose Diwali Milk Cake Baketitude

Some cakes are destined for greatness. Some cake is destined to be written about and praised because of how they look, how many tiers they have and how much frosting and how big they are.  But some cakes are simple, beautiful and so perfect for the occasion that you make them again and again and Read More

Chocolate Mocha Loaf Cake Baketitude

Chocolate and coffee is a marriage made in heaven. That fantastic addition to your cup of coffee or tea. I love going to coffee shops . I adore the vibes there. The last coffee shop I went to ,was absolutely adorable. Small, pastel coloured walls and gorgeous flowers. My heart beats fast when I smell Read More

Butter Cake Baketitude with Ossoro

This is what memories are made off. These simple cakes with butter and a whole lot of raisin and almonds and colourful tutti fruitti are just that. Happy memories. After all, it wasn’t every home that had an oven. And every mom could not bake. Some special ones could. The others, well they made doughnuts, khatais Read More

Gluten Free Buckwheat Mushroom Quiche

Alternative grains have been part of our diet since time immoreal. Even with the presence of wheat and rice which are cereals. And now we’re able to recognize the allergies caused by certain foods in out diet. It’s easy to rectify those causative agents. But then there are things that you miss eating because you Read More