Black Rice Kheer with Ossoro

Kheer. Rice pudding by another name. And the simplest dessert that comes from an Indian kitchen. Something made so often, it’s hardly treated like a novelty anymore. It’s understood that it has to be made. And then every house hold has their own quirkiness about Kheer. My in-laws eat their Kheer hot. Freshly made. Can Read More

Blueberry Brioche Eggless Baketitude

So, if you’ve been following me on Instagram or are linked to any food group on Facebook, you would have seen the TOP 10 lists of bloggers in India. And yours truly has been selected by the BonusApp Top 10 Baking & Dessert bloggers in India 2018. Super thrilled with this. As long as your love Read More

Masala Lemon Soda with Ossoro

The British get worked up when their summer temperature crosses 31C and we’ve not even begun to sweat yet. Indians can tolerate temperatures up to 45C, with the same hysterical curses like them British.  The biggest leveller for us, I believe is our diet. And the fact that we add spices to almost everything we Read More

Perfect Microwave Bosch -A Review Baketitude

Sometimes something so perfect comes in front of us that you suddenly feel like you’re living within the 24 frames of a sketched animation. No microwave can be so perfect ever. Its just not fair. This is “The Perfect Microwave”. This one is a microwave ,a convection oven and an air fryer rolled into one.  Read More

Mango Chocolate Tarts-Baketitude( Low Carbohydrate )

Life is not sweet without sugar.  Ask me about it.  Suddenly, on a whim, I decided to go sugar free for 100 days. Breaking up with sugar for 3 months 10 days.  Almost 14 weeks of sheer cravings that aren’t met.  I’ll spare you the math of the minutes and seconds.  But you should know, Read More

Garlic Bread Sticks Grissini Baketitude

Grissini . Sounds super fancy, right? They’re nothing but an Italian name for bread sticks.  In India we also know them as soup sticks. If you’ve ever traveled by Shatabdi or Rajdhani trains, you will definitely know what I’m talking about.  The Indian Railways serves that’s of insipid food in these trains. Nobody really appreciates Read More

Chocolate Miso Brownies Baketitude

This is one that I would love to share. I wish I you could download the image and try the brownies too. But because technology is not so smart,you should really try this flavor . These are slightly salty,but you know that salt and Chocolate are best friends. There’s also that fermented miso taste at Read More

Masala Cheese Crackers Eggless Baketitude

We love the rain. Especially the first rains. And as the rains fall, we Indians head to that plate of bhajias and pakoras and other deep fried yum stuff.  And then guilt strikes and we try and eat baked and roasted stuff that assures us that its light and healthy and not deep fried . But Read More

Oats ,Cranberries, Chocolate Eggless Cookies Baketitude

There’s something about gratitude. And a grateful heart truly attracts miracles. I’ve been experiencing this lately. And I wanted to share the miracles I’ve been blessed with lately. So I hosted a giveaway on my Instagram and Facebook page. And we picked winners. I gave away my new teapot and cups to Nasima Singh in Read More

Grilled Peaches and Couscous A Summer Dessert_Baketitude

Stone fruits flood the market in the summer. And for me, life is beyond mangoes. I adore peaches. Fuzzy, juicy,sweet and tart. They’re the best fruit you can have.  But to use it in a salad or not, it’s so darn confusing. And couscous, this semolina couscous that I bought from here. Couscous is a Read More

Skillet Brownies with Peanut Butter_Baketitude

A word of advice.  These are by far the most addictive brownies ever. They caramalise at the bottom, so you get a crust that’s like a caramel jam tainted with chocolate. The centre is all goes and warm chocolate. That peanut butter just contrasts with the deep Flavor of the chocolate. The mild saltiness is Read More

Tomato Chutney_Baketitude

You’ve got to see tomatoes like this… We visited a family friends farm in Ropar, Punjab. They grow tomatoes and bell peppers. The vegetables were so so beautiful. All I could do was think if the things I wanted to make. A tomato pie and a Bolognese sauce and salad and chutneys…the list was endless. Read More

2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse_Baketitude

            “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”                                                                               Read More

Chicken Dum Biryani_Baketitude

Chicken dum biryani is  a deal breaker in our home. It has to be the most eagerly awaiting lunch and its almost like everyone’s hopes and dreams are resting on the first bite of the biryani.  In the words of my mum ,the biryani musts be fragrant and the chicken juicy. Basically, the chicken must Read More

Mushrooms Pulao_Baketitude

Morels or guchchee are probably the most rarely found mushrooms after truffles. And are equally sought after. And equally expensive. At the last count a kilogram of morels cost almost 30,000 INR. And that is pretty expensive for a plate full of mushroom rice. So we tried this box of chanterelle mushrooms. The first thing Read More