Vegan Meringue Kisses Baketitude

I’m not vegan.  I love dairy and I adore eggs. In any form. But I don’t particularly like Meringue Kisses. I love Pavlovas. Especially with a whole load of fruit. But these vegan ones, after two tries have converted me. They actually taste good. I never thought they would though. But I’m a believer now. Read More

Quick Brioche Bread Baketitude

Bread finally. We’ve been on an -avoid carbohydrates diet for these past few weeks. The first target off the table is of course, always bread.  Don’t blame me, we’re trying to get fitter. I love bread. It’s almost like my Raison d’être. So everyday Im not baking or eating bread is a difficult day for Read More

Cookie Cake Baketitude

Cookies with no boundaries. Ginormous Cookies.  Birthday cookies.  Not cakes.  But cookies.  So apparently, cookie cakes have been doing the rounds of school children here in Mumbai. It’s suddenly about giant cookies and not frosted cakes. Chocolate chip cookies at that.  With a whole host of Sprinkles and some dollops of frosting. So when I Read More

Almond Cranberry Granola Gluten Free_Baketitude

Granola is my favorite snack. It works perfectly for breakfast and also as a light dessert. Also when it’s gluten free ,it becomes even better. I’m not gluten intolerant. It’s just that when I’m fasting and avoid grains for the day,this granola works really well.  Oats are gluten free and extremely healthy. But I avoid Read More

Baked Gujiya Made Guilt Free_Baketitude

I adore Gujiya. I used to wait for Holi just just because that was the only time my mother would make Gujiya. It’s a painful process, it’s a painful process time consuming and you never make a few Gujiya. You have to make at least 6 dozen for the effort to be justified.  They are Read More

Cinnamon Nut Wreath Bread Baketitude

Breads are gorgeous. Breads are beautiful. Especially this one. It’s technically not a braid nor is it a wreath, kind of wreath. It is round, but not studded on the outside with flowers or leaves. It’s just gorgeous whichever way you look at it. And the light, it’s the light of the setting sun. All Read More

Savoury Almond Gluten free Crackers_Baketitude

It’s Valentine’s week. And everything is all about red roses and Chocolate and wine and desserts and some more complicated sweet stuff.  And then ,I begin to gag.  You know how I love my sweets,right? Let’s face it, the sugar industry survives on the basis of sugar addicts like me and you.  ButI need a Read More

Tahini Sesame Seed Cookies_Baketitude

Mini is our word these days . We are always looking to Max our calories with Mini servings.  Why should Cookies be any different ? And you do know that cookies are a necessity and not a luxury. So we need them to go past every single day. So I just decided to do tiny Read More

Coffee Chocolate Granola_Baketitude

A healthy breakfast is the easiest way to start a good day. But when you pour that healthy breakfast out of a recycled cardboard box into your bowl full of probiotics and Calcium and proteins you know that you are doing yourself the greatest disservice ever. Make your own granola. You control what goes into Read More

Vintage Chocolate Chip Cookies and Riverdale_Baketitude

Vintage. Well I’ve this thing now for old stuff and florals and all things pale and rusted. And food that tastes good because it’s made with old recipes. This is one recipe that I had jotted down in a notebook when sweet child was really young. Hubby dear was out ,more often than not, Internet-the Read More