Savoury Almond Gluten free Crackers_Baketitude

It’s Valentine’s week. And everything is all about red roses and Chocolate and wine and desserts and some more complicated sweet stuff.  And then ,I begin to gag.  You know how I love my sweets,right? Let’s face it, the sugar industry survives on the basis of sugar addicts like me and you.  ButI need a Read More

Tahini Sesame Seed Cookies_Baketitude

Mini is our word these days . We are always looking to Max our calories with Mini servings.  Why should Cookies be any different ? And you do know that cookies are a necessity and not a luxury. So we need them to go past every single day. So I just decided to do tiny Read More

Coffee Chocolate Granola_Baketitude

A healthy breakfast is the easiest way to start a good day. But when you pour that healthy breakfast out of a recycled cardboard box into your bowl full of probiotics and Calcium and proteins you know that you are doing yourself the greatest disservice ever. Make your own granola. You control what goes into Read More

Vintage Chocolate Chip Cookies and Riverdale_Baketitude

Vintage. Well I’ve this thing now for old stuff and florals and all things pale and rusted. And food that tastes good because it’s made with old recipes. This is one recipe that I had jotted down in a notebook when sweet child was really young. Hubby dear was out ,more often than not, Internet-the Read More

Nutella Sea Salt Brownies-Baketitude

Nutella is an indulgence at any point in time.  Nutella brownies are an other level of indulgence altogether.  Indulgent ,if you eat them once in a while. Sinful if you indulge often.  So that is why I rarely make Nutella sea salt brownies. They form a gorgeous, light brown, delicious, papery, crust and they are Read More

Pancakes- Skinny ,Whole Wheat and Savoury-Baketitude

Sometimes you really need A Pinch of salt. Too much sugar and too much sweetness can be annoying. Not to mention bad for the body. It’s not yet time to stop celebrating but your body and your sugar overloaded tongue needs a break. So when you are craving pancakes think of a savoury option. We Read More

Whole Wheat Sugar Free Boozy Christmas Cake-Baketitude

Happy Christmas. We’re just on time.  School exams and stuff have ensured that I’m just hanging by a thread. But the post is on before Christmas day.  And my refined sugar free cake is worth trying out, even as a tea time cake. Boozy or not, it’s totally your call ,but when it’s cold , Read More

Mocha-Chocolate Coffee Mousse-Baketitude

Mocha is the next best thing to Chocolate.  Best or next to best ,you can decide.  And it’s a version from Nigella Lawson’s Domestic Goddess TV show. The two most amazing things God made, and we bring them together in a single word.  Mocha.  Smooth , cool and super amazingly light, this dessert promises the Read More

Whole Wheat Ginger Bread House-Baketitude

Ok ,there is no time. There is less than 12 days to Christmas. And you are late just like I always I am in the nick of time. You just have to make the Gingerbread house. It is so a must do project. So if you have kids clamoring for cookies, make one ginger bread Read More

Yakhni-Kashmiri Mutton Curry -Baketitude

Yakhni is comfort food. Its a Sunday afternoon meal. Especially when it’s cloudy and foggy and not sunny, a bowl full of slightly sour but wholesome yakhni . Tastes best with boiled rice sometimes with a roti like Taftaan.  So this is a Kashmiri soup like curry that is generally part of a wazwaan or Read More