Pistachio , Sour Cherries and White Chocolate Fudge and Happy Diwali

Oreo Cookies Fudge Happy Diwali
Puff Pastry Homemade with butter

I swear on all the ingredients I hold holy this entire fudge slab took only 5 minutes to make. Not if you count the agonizing overnight wait for it to set.p_20161020_123130_df

This fudge slab is absolutely amazing. It is superbly flexible. You can make any combination with this fudge, andit will turn out fabulous. You know , I had to edit this sentence like 10 times because I couldn’t not use amazing so many times in a sentence. Well,this fudge is versatile indeed. I’m going to give you three versions .


All super sexy and yum.

Oh and just in case you’re wondering,the idea is a totally “nailed it” Pinterest  hack. With my imagination of course.

This blogpost is Diwali special p_20161020_121649.

For the basic fudge you need only 3 things. The rest are your additional ideas.

125 gms condensed milk sweetened

45 gms salted butter

250 gms white chocolate compound

3-5 drops rose essence

Handful toasted pistachios

Handful sour dried cherries-not glacé cherries, if you can’t find them use cranberries

A few drops green gelpaste color optional

LINE a small tin with parchment paper. I used my borosil 5 inch square bowl with lid

An 8*8 cake tin will be too big and the fudge will be more like bark. So…

In a heavy bottomed saucepan place thebbutter . Add inthe condensed milk. You can either weigh it out or use 1/2 cup.20161020_175910

Chop the white chocolate. Plonk the white chocolate into the saucepan and over very low heat allow the gooey mix to come together. It can burn very easily. Once its almost melted pop in the essence, the pistachio and the sour cherries quickly mix and add a drop of the color.20161020_180111

I wanted that marbled effect so I only just mixed up.Use a spatula to transfer the mix to your prepped tin ,cover and chill overnight.

After a. Minimum of 6 hours , pull out the parchment paper and set the fudge slab onto a chopping block.


Using a sharp not serrated knife slice the fudge into thin slices and then cut into cuboids.

You’ll see the Cherries peeking through and the pistachio giving a wee bit of give while slicing.


This recipe is inspired by Pinterest but I have made a few changes. I don’t really like gooey melting fudge if I have to serve it to people. And then fudge becomes like stick jaws , literally sticking to the teeth. Disgusting.

I’ve done the Pinterest ratio before, and in this weather,you just have to keep running the dish into the fridge.

So , something that’s elegant,and won’t stick to the teeth when you daintily bite into it is good.p_20161020_122310_df

I know , too many pictures. But sometimes you have to add them. 

The fudge is a little sweet that’s why the pieces need to be small. The rose essence,well it’s optional,but the entire concept is really awesome. It’s a desi , mithai type sweet that you can offer to the most finicky of your guests and even use as prashad in your Pooja.

I’ll be sharing another few amazing versions tomorrow.p_20161020_122717_df

And while you are at it, share some with the neighbors.

Good fudge is like good karma. Something fabulous will come back to you.

I know. We have always had fabulous neighbors. p_20161020_122938_df-1

After all it’s Diwali. So make fudge and be happy. 

May the Goddess  Lakshmi bless you and your home.




May you always have butter and chocolate in your cupboards and may your ovens always work.


And may you have the generosity of spirit to share your blessings with those less fortunate.















And a little bit to remember…..

Life is what you bake of it.


Oreo Cookies Fudge Happy Diwali
Puff Pastry Homemade with butter


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  2. Aparna says:

    This is so unique and looks delicious. I am going to make it for my family this Diwali. What is the size of the pan you used approximately? Thank you for the recipe!

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