Purse Cake -Happy Birthday Vanisha

Daring Bakers Challenge -April Armenian Nutmeg Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies with Whole Wheat(atta) and Jaggery(gur)
Birthdays for little girls are such fun…
All pink and only pink if you please…
So much fuss…my dress is better or pinker…I just don’t understand the fascination with the colour pink!
Sweet Child was never fascinated with colours …only characters.
We lived through the Spider man obsession…there was Ben 10 once and Harry Potter too…
Now we know not what it is called!

So we look for substitutions!
This little lady is Vanisha…the one with the smug smile and pink collar.
She chatters nineteen to the dozen and is a HAPPY child.Friend Rashi Thapa’s wonderfully vivacious and vibrant daughter.
All Sunshine!

The Birthday gift was a pink purse, full of white hearts…So the purse.
Yellow…well because she is a happy , truly sunny girl.

Me, I’ve been busy…hubby dear being at home is fun…but enough to drive a sane person crazy..
Suddenly I realise,why men never grow old.They transfer their love and affections to the new woman in their lives….
The wife becomes the new mom!
Driven, I’ve been!
This cake was frosted ,fondant”ed” and decorated in less than an hour.

May not be too neat , but the love was all there.
The frosting under the fondant was butter cream,and because Ranchi is already sweltering, it looks a lot liquid than it was. The piping did not set …I was rushed for time and Vanisha and her friends waited.
You don’t need fondant to make this cake…
It can be made without.

for the

Purse Cake -Happy Birthday Vanisha…

you need

2 egg less sponge cakes
2 cups butter cream icing
cutters and piping bags

The cake was egg less, the recipe of the cake for the Egg less Tiramisu made here.  Only since I wanted to shape the cakes, I doubled the recipe and baked them in a 9 inch round tin and a 5 inch round tin. In local parlance…a 2 pound tin and a 1 pound tin.
The two sponges…

The big one, split and filled with the butter cream frosting…
Butter cream frosting…whip together
1 cup butter
4 cups icing sugar
2 tsp milk/orange juice
Gives about 3 cups. I made half this recipe for this cake.

The second one…smaller one I cut in half and set to make a semicircle bag ,the grooves on the cakes are from the wire racks…on which I left the cakes to cool.

Sliced through the centre.

Only to be filled with butter cream and joined .

That was the handle of the bag,the picks are to insert into the cake because the handle will not stand without support.This was left to dry …oh two hours…It needed more though!

Frosted with the butter cream and chilled, then covered with fondant. The clasp and cut outs of the heart were to make this cake look like her actual gift.

The two pound cake, frosted and covered with yellow fondant. Margarette Daisy cut outs,topped with pink butter cream.

The handle of the bag,propped up with picks.


Lets all pitch in!

Yup ,sweet child…
The kids all had a gala time…but the adults needed a couple of Asprin…how much the kids can scream…you’ll know when you live through that!

Some kids missing here…but by now the Li’l ones were sick of each other.
These are all times to celebrate…children and friendships.

So what are you baking today???

Daring Bakers Challenge -April Armenian Nutmeg Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies with Whole Wheat(atta) and Jaggery(gur)

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