Rabdi Kulfi Ossoro Essence and Baketitude

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There’s always a great drama with picture taking for every Instagram and every blog post ever. There’ll always be the different plate and a different kitchen towel and looking for light.
But this is the first time after ages that I had to take pictures for the blog and Instagram with only my smartphone. No thought process, nothing.
Just take the pictures before they eat up the Kulfi.
So, no styling, no nakhra or focus…. Just an old-style steel bowl, those spoons and the Kulfi moulds.And also because I had so many DMs from the instastories post on my scraping the kulfi mix from the ice cream maker.

So this post was a super quick blogpost with super quick photographs.

Hubby dear had very Desi, Indian tastes. He loves Almonds, pistachio, cashew and saffron. And milk. All drenched in cardamom Flavour.
So, his go to dessert is either Kulfi, Rabdi, Ras Malai or Kheer. Chocolate is rarity and he’s tolerance for Coffee is low.

Sweet child will have coffee and chocolate. Neither though, will experiment, like I do with fruit and citrus and fresh herb flavours.
So, with hubby dear, it’s always a known thing… Pop a pan of milk to boil…let it simmer till it reduces and freeze that.
Rabdi for me is a no brainier. The easiest thing to do. And it adds the wow factor to any Indian dessert. Way back when we were stationed where basics for dessert we’re scanty, the easiest dessert was Rabdi.
Because milk was always readily available.
I’ve made different things. Rabdi on Shahi toast, Rabdi on jalebi, Gulab jamuns in Rabdi, chilled Rabdi with mango … So many things you can do with that.
The most painful thing is to ensure that you keep the milk moving. And Never allow it to get scorched.
I had a sauce pan that had markings. So, it was easy to judge the Rabdi by the leftovers in the pan. But the Ossoro Rabdi essence just enhances the aroma. My whole house felt like a festive preparation was on. All we needed we’re flowers at the door and an invitation to the friends.
This was the easiest way to make hubby dear happy.
But he was happier still this time. With the aromas of Rabdi wafting, he went to stir the pot mostly.
And he was happiest with the Rabdi essence.
You can try to make falooda too, but you need a falooda press for that.
I’ll post a video of that, now that I’ve figured out how to make a video.
For making Kulfi, I always use the traditional aluminium Kulfi moulds because they freeze faster.

For 9-10 100 mil kulfis

Rabdi Kulfi Ossoro Essence and Baketitude

You need

2 litre full fat milk
250 milks low fat cream
1 1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup Pistachio chopped or whole
2 generous pinches saffron
8 drops Ossoro Rabdi Essence

Start in the day time. Opt for a heavy bottom sauce pan or heavy wok or kadai.
Pour 2 litres of milk into the pan and reduce the heat to simmer.
Keep stirring. Also avoid using a silicone or wooden spatula for this. You need a metal spatula. Make sure to scrape off the sides and bottom and mix into the boiling milk.
Once the milk reduces to half add the sugar and the pistachio.
Keep cooking till the mixture takes on a darker golden hue. Add the Ossoro Rabdi essence and enjoy the aromas.
Add the saffron and keep cooking till it reduces to about 800-900 mils.
Turn off the heat and allow to cool.
If you taste for sweetness, you will find it to be really sweet. Let it be sweet.
Once the Rabdi has come to room temperature, whisk in the cream. The cream balances the sweetness. Add in an extra drop or two of Rabdi essence, just because.
Now spoon the Rabdi into the aluminium moulds, or if you have an ice-cream maker (I’ve the Kitchenif ice cream maker), churn it in the ice cream maker for 20-25 minutes. If you are in no mood to whisk the Rabdi, its ok, you can whisk the cream and mix it in too.
The idea is not aeration. The idea is the creamy texture and minimal ice crystals.
Allow to freeze.

Remove, cut into small pieces and serve with or without falooda.
Enjoy the desi flavours of the Rabdi kulfi. Summers or winters this is a perfec6 end to an Indian meal. You can stick ice cream sticks in the kulfi and enjoy them as popsicles too…
The Rabdi essence makes this like a kulfi purchased from the halwai. The graininess of the Rabdi can be removed by simply churning it in the blender.
I will make the Rabdi kulfi again just for the pictures…till then, please remember, this is how the desi people enjoy the Rabdi kulfi.

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Samak Samvat Rice Arancini Baketitude
Buckwheat Crepe Tacos with Asian Style Stir Fry Baketitude

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