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Sunshine is beautiful.

Especially on a plate. This is the most beautiful plate of risotto ever. Well because I made it just like I like it. Most of the best restaurants in India serve risotto as a mushy mess on a plate. Just because there’s a pot load of parmesan shaved over mushy rice, it doesn’t make risotto any good. Apologies to the Italian chefs, but I do like my rice to have a little bite. 

So when I sourced the arborio rice from Urban platter, I decide to make it the way I like it. 
The biggest challenge is to make vegetarian stock. I made mine with root vegetables a whole lot of carrots ,some  celery ,oniond and a lot lot of pepper. 
I then strained it and and allowed to cool before I made the risotto.
The next option was to either skip the wine or use the wine … and since I was making a saffron risotto, I decided to use white wine.
Just a whole lot of onions and garlic. 
My biggest nightmare  thinth happened when  I checked my stores and I found that I had used all the saffron I had in making rabdi a few days ago. Yup, if you know me, you know that I am THE biggest panic inducing person around.
And I already started with the risotto, so there was no way I could have stopped and gone and bought saffron. I like using essence when I make desserts,but rarely use them for savoury cooking. But I used the Ossoro Saffron Kesar essence and that worked so perfectly. 
I got that absolutely lemon, saffron yellow in colour and gorgeous saffron aroma …tge essence is not coloured, the colour,that came from a pinch of turmeric. But that saffron aroma and mouth feel was amazing.
So that’s the most impressive saffron aroma ever. 
I also didn’t have parmesan cheese ,so I used cheddar, that melted so gracefully and I’d say gratefully into the rice and stock starchy mix. 
I’ve never seen it melt so well before.
Then the wine lifted off so much more aromas… And like I said, I kept the rice with a bite… so when I ate it I could actually taste the rice and not some mushy khichdi  or cereal the people with no teeth can eat.
You need to keep a simple ratio . The reason why risotto uses high starch rice is because the the actual cooking uses not too much of butter and olive oil but makes a very creamy saucy risotto.
You either need to buy a bag of arborio rice or or make a risotto with short Indian rice . What you need to remember, is that you must not wash the rice wash the rice before you cook it. 
The washing of the grain with water moves and washes the starch off the grain.  The texture of the risotto changes. Since you cannot wash the rice ,you need to use organic rice of high quality. Since there are so many brands available,pick the best that you can purchase,but remember you don’t need to use a basmati to make risotto. The ratio of the liquid to the rice is one is  to four ,so that means if you use one cup of rice you will need four cups of liquid ….that is inclusive of the wine (if you’re using it ) use the wine to glaze your pan,so I used three and a half cups of stock.   
The white wine and cheese of course is without doubt a very important factor. 
Ensure you use good quality cheddar cheese, also use basic herbs. My herbs of choice are Rosemary and thyme ,but basil, parsley, sage anything will do.
Use a mixture of butter and olive oil or avocado oil if you have, make the risotto and of course, like I added this saffron essence a generous pinch of saffron or Ossoro saffron essence will yield the best results
for the .
Saffron Risotto with Ossoro Baketitude
you need
1  cup arborio rice Or short grain organic rice
3 1/2 cups vegetable stock
1/2 cup white wine
1 teaspoon butter
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 small white onion or shallots diced fine
3-4 cloves of garlic minced
fine salt pepper
zest of one lemon
Pinch turmeric
100 grams cheddar cheese grated or Parmesan cheese generous
Generous pinch saffron or 5 to 6 drops of Ossro saffron essence
Warm a Skillet and add the butter and olive oil together .
The butter will sizzle but the olive oil will ensure that it does not burn to brown butter.  On low heat, cook the onions and garlic till translucent.
Tip in the unwashed arborio rice into the pan and allow the fat and onions to coat the grains of ricr. The rice begins to change colour with the fat cooking out the starch. After a few minutes add  one fourth cup of stock.
Sometime while cooking, add the turmeric and allow the colour to blossom.
Keep stirring the rice and stock mixture on low heat. The rice will gradually cook and the stock will eevaporate.The rice cooks gently and the entire process will take approximately half an hour . Keep adding the stock and wine when thetprevious addition dries up. That helps in deglazing the pan.
If you are using it add in in the salt and  pepper powder. If you’ve seasoned the stock,you won’t really need the extra salt.
Turn off the heat and add  in the saffron or the saffron essence and stir till the essence  and the aromas amalgamate with that of the rice . Add in the cheddar cheese or parmesan and mix.
This will result in a very creamy sauce and adding the lemon zest will lift some richness of the cheese and butter and starch. 
Serve the risotto with a garnish of parsley and lemon for best results.
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