The year that was- Hello and Goodbye 2012

Bru Coffee Panna Cotta- Lite/Light in Calories
Christmas Fruit Cake in one bowl...
Learn from yesterday, Live for today and hope for tomorrow.
Albert Einstein
The year that was extremely eventful.
In more ways than one.
A lot of it is water under the
I’ve fallen in love once again…
With my niece…
I’ve moved across the country..
Lock ,Stock and Barrel…
I’ve been published in the newspaper
twice and in a magazine once…
I’ve been recognised for my best
friends..Words…who don’t come easy to me…
I’ve been out grown…by sweet
child…who is now as tall as I am…
I’ve inspired more and more people
to crack eggs and get baking…
I’ve frosted more cupcakes than the
entire neighbourhood combined…
I’ve laughed  more ,because I’ve felt freer..
I’ve lived more…
And I’d love to share my favourite
moments with my readers…
I made  Artisan Bread with Flax ,Oats and Ragi and I received the Notable Newbie Award
from Blogadda. And more people visit this post than any others. I do hope that
they have tried out the bread, though!

I made a Barbie Cake for my niece Sanskriti
and used fondant to make her dress. Sweet sister was home after 2 years ,we sat
up till 4 am to make the cake…and it was so worth it.

I made a cake that
looked like sweet child’s obsession Play Station 2.
And he absolutely adored it. Hubby dear was too amazed to comment, and was

I made the fondant
flowers for a cake I made for the cousins when they met for the first time.
Flowers and a cake. The awe on Sanskriti’s
face was totally worth the back breaking effort.

The Mango Mousse Cake that  friend Kanchan Bhartari could replicate with such ease.
Tasted out of this world and for a moment, I ,the mango hater ,could actually

The Triple Chocolate Bavaroise that I made for a reunion with friends. I’ll remember for the rest
of my life. We laughed so much that our jaws ached for the next two days. No
electricity, and hubby dear arranged for a high power generator just so that
the Bavaroise could set. I love his attention to detail, amongst other things.

The Mille Feuille,
the most labour intensive thing that I have ever made…and the visual appeal was
AWESOME!!! The compliments that flowed were even better.

I have never struggled
as much as I did when I tried to braid the six strands of the challah bread. But
I did, I braided till hubby dear laughed his guts out. And when I finally dared
to attempt the daring bakers challenge-I succeeded.

I made an eggless tiramisu with homemade mascarpone. The dessert wowed many, and the eggless cake
has been used in many ,many ways since. Mahika , my 11 year old neighbour can
now make any type of these cupcakes herself.

Baketitude was featured
on page 3 of Hindustan Times City, Ranchi . The press coverage and the love
that followed left me speechless. The excitement that flowed though my house
was palpabe. And so much fun!

The best gift that Baketitude has given to me- it has been an
outlet for all my DIY madness. I’ve fostered new Friendships and relations. The
journey has been incredible. And tomorrow will always be better.


Here is wishing all the people in blogosphere a happy 2013.
So what are you baking today???

Bru Coffee Panna Cotta- Lite/Light in Calories
Christmas Fruit Cake in one bowl...

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