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You’ve got to see tomatoes like this…

We visited a family friends farm in Ropar, Punjab. They grow tomatoes and bell peppers. The vegetables were so so beautiful.

All I could do was think if the things I wanted to make. A tomato pie and a Bolognese sauce and salad and chutneys…the list was endless. Unfortunately I had little time and too much on the agenda.

So I made a simple tomato chutney with a lot of drama and a whole lot of Flavor. 

I’ve made this with heirloom tomatoes,you could use cherry tomatoes or regular tomatoes.

Whatever is available to you.

The flambeing, well,I used rum.

You can skip this process, but what it does is give the chutney a whole depth of smokiness. If you’re uncomfortable with alcohol give the chutney a dhungaar. Smoke it with a little coal or a smoke gun. Or a little smoke essence. Yup, there’s a smoke essence available in the market too. 

All you need is a few fresh ingredients. Again the fresher,the better. 

Try to use a thin bottom sauce pan,that allows the heat to go high. To flambé ,you need high heat. 

Gloves and an apron are helpful. I soiled my shirt ,the spot won’t go. 

Also, balsamic vinegar is awesome. But apple cider or regular vinegar will also do. 

Thyme or oregano are optional. I used coriander and the taste was phenomenal. 

Toasted nuts would be awesome. I had none, so didn’t used any.

For the

Tomato Chutney_Baketitude

You need

2 punnets cherry tomatoes or approximately 400 GM’s chopped ripe red tomatoes

1 lemon zested. Peel grated fine. 

1 green chili

2 tbsp vegetable oil

3 tbsp raisins or kishmish washed and soaked 10 minutes

2 tbsp toasted nuts optional

Salt to taste 

1/2 tspn red chilli powder

1 tsp sugar or jaggery or honey 

30 mils rum or whiskey to flambé

Chopped coriander

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar or Apple Cider or regular vinegar or lemon juice

Heat the pan on very high heat till the pan is hot. 

Pour in the oil and let it smoke. 

Pop in the tomatoes and cook shaking the pan so that the tomatoes skin gets bruised. We don’t want to slow cook the tomato as that will change the taste of the chutney.

Pour in the rum or whiskey and tipbteh pan so that it catches fire. 

Allow the flambé to burn off all the alcohol and cook the tomatoes fast. This will burst the skins and give an awesome smokiness to the tomatoes. 

Now add the raisins, salt lemon zest, red chilli powder and the sugar or jaggery. Keep stirring on high heat till all the liquid evaporates.

Adjust the the  and add the vinegar. 

Add to Coriander or herbs of your choice.

Now pop in the nuts, stir a minute and turn off the heat. 

Serve warm with lavash, toasted pita bread or crackers and cheese. If you’ve not used alcohol. Burn a coal for 7-8 minutes till it’s all red and glowing. 

Place a small steel bowl or aluminium foil in the chutney. Place the coal. Top with butter or ghee and cover with a tight lid. 

Serve warm with lavash, toasted pita bread or crackers and cheese. 

Store leftovers in the fridge. 

That drama of flambé, make sure you’ve got the exhaust fan on and someone to help you and appreciate the show. Don’t do this alone. 

I’ve done this very often, but I’m still careful that I have company. 

Enjoy this different flavored chutney and do let me know how you liked it. 


Also Sharing are a few pictures of the gorgeousness you don’t see otherwise.

This is #wheninpunjab.

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This was, for us a totally farm to table concept. As fresh as can be. Be sure to check out the video that I made and put on the  facebook page for baketitude.

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