Turmeric Latte with Mother Dairy Extra Premium Milk

Pistachio , Sour Cherries and White Chocolate Fudge and Happy Diwali
Kuttu Atta Idli Buckwheat flour Idli Navratri Satvik Aahaar

Mother Dairy is synonymous with milk , obviously,atleast to all of us who have spent any amount of time in Delhi. The milk that pours into your container when you plonk that token into the slot. images-26

And in the last two decades , this brand has been making inroads into other sectors and states too. So now the Safal brand of fruits and vegetables , Dhara brand of edible oils and Mother Dairy ice creams, yogurt,Milk drinks etc are visible all over the country. That white and blue Mother Dairy logo is now visible in Mumbai too. And it’s such a familiar,comforting site.

Just before the festival season, Mother Dairy has launched the Extra Premium range of milk in Mumbai. This milk has 7.2% milk fat and is full of goodness. p_20161005_152406

Chef Saransh Goila and the MD of Mother Dairy Mr Nagarajan Sivramakrishnan launched the Extra Premium Mother Dairy Milk at The Trident Hotel in Mumbai recently.

He made a delicate nawaabi Dal Sultaani made from Arhar Dal, Rabri or thickened milk and thick Greek style Yogurt and his signature Baked Mango Rasgullas from Goila Butter Chicken.

As ever it’s fun to watch a chef at work. Passion ,I believe,also speaks through ladles and whisks. And here was some smoke and strong flavors and food bloggers oblivious to all except the images in their cameras.

And since I was fasting for Navratri, I tasted and loved the Baked Mango Rasgullas. That’s saying something, coz I don’t enjoy mangoes. 


p_20161005_171218 Yours truly was there to enjoy the delicacies made by Chef Saransh using the Extra Premium Mother Dairy Milk.img_20161013_185045

So this Turmeric Latte is with a tip from these guys. I’ve always made the latte or haldi wala Doodh using Turmeric and sometimes saffron. Well ,it turns out that black pepper is a better addition.

Turmeric contains curcumin. This is the bio active compound with powerful medicinal qualities. It is an antioxidant,with anti inflammatory properties and can lower the risk of even heart diseases when consumed regularly.

Surprising addition to Turmeric is black pepper. An addition of freshly ground black pepper into Turmeric can increase the potency of the curcumin by 7 fold.

So that’s why pepper is black gold.

Now fir that Turmeric latte.

Try and locate fresh Turmeric root ,much like ginger roots and is also called Amba haldi. That root is not the yellow ,but white ginger like Turmeric root.images-25

The white one has more of  the medicinal qualities.

So even if you are unable to find this variable, use the regular haldi.

Allow extra premium Mother Dairy full fat milk to simmer with a tablespoon of grated haldi(or haldi powder,if you are unable to source fresh haldi) for about 15 minutes. Sweeten the drink to taste and grind fresh black pepper into it. p_20161010_134132_df

Strain into a cup squeezing the maximum from the grated Turmeric. Grind black pepper over and enjoy.

Drink this regularly and keep your immunity levels high. 

#MalaiMaarke with #ExtraPremium Mother Dairy Milk and FBAI. 



Pistachio , Sour Cherries and White Chocolate Fudge and Happy Diwali
Kuttu Atta Idli Buckwheat flour Idli Navratri Satvik Aahaar

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