Zephyr Eggless Russian Marshmallows Raspberry Baketitude

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Zephir /Zephyr sounds to be so unlike a dessert.

At first, I thought it was zephyr… But then why would winds and desserts sit on the same plate.

Desserts have calories. This doesn’t look so dessert like. But it is sweet. Not as calorie dense. But sweet. 

These are basically marshmallows. 

Marshmallows without eggs.  And using Indian ingredients. 

Told you I’m a Locavore.

I love blueberries and raspberries.

But when I spend 400 RS or almond 5-6 USD for a small punnet of these berries, there’s no way I will drown them in sugar and cook them to make Marsh Mallows.

I eat them. Just as they are.

Just like God meant them to be eaten. 

But these marshmallows also needed to be made. 

I found a raspberry crush on Amazon and then I just had to start. 

So, I made aquafaba.

Soak 1 cup chickpeas in water. After two hours, replace the water with 1 litre and pressure cook till the chickpeas are done. Strain the liquid and reduce on heat till you get 140-160 mils. Cool and use

I’ve tried thrice to get the perfect set. The first time I used gelatine, but when you boil gelatine, it loses its efficacy. The second time onwards I used agar agar. That worked, but the marshmallows were super sticky. So, I reduced the liquid content in the syrup and then it worked.

Also, the heat of the fruit syrup was essential.

The aquafaba must be super slimy and jelly like or else the marshmallow wont work.

So essentially you must check off a few pointers. Also, you’ll need extra icing sugar. I dusted my marshmallows with beetroot powder. Absolutely optional. I had it so I used it.

The beetroot powder acted as a humectant- attracts water and makes zephir wet.  So, if you intend finishing these marshmallows asap, only then use that.

You need the essence, because you’re not using real raspberries. And the colour is optional, but the marshmallows will be super pale if you skip the colour.

The pictures this time were not as good, primarily because I was in a mad rush, prepping for my trip to Delhi to attend a wedding in the family.

You’ll need a Wilton 1m nozzle to make the best nozzles, and parchment paper to pipe on.

A weighing scale is essential as accurate measurements are needed. A stand mixer is not essential, but you’ll need a whole lot of patience otherwise.


Also start with a lot more than you think you’ll need.

For the

Zephyr Eggless Russian Marshmallows Raspberry Baketitude

You need


175 gms raspberry crush

200 gms sugar

1 ½ tsp agar agar

75 mils water

50 mils aquafaba or 1 egg white

3-5 drops raspberry essence-I used Ossoro Raspberry Portugal

½ tsp pink food colour-I used amerigel dusky rose

4-5 tbsp icing sugar plus 2 tbsp corn-starch mixed

Disco Dust-Edible glitter and beertroot powder -optional


Heat the raspberry crush over low heat in a steel pan till it is visibly thicker.

Pour into your blender jar and blend out the thick bits. You can do this with hot crush if you have steel jars, otherwise please wait.

Strain the crush into a clean bowl and press down into the sieve, because a lot is left behind.

Measure out 115-120 gms of the still warm syrup into the stand mixer mixing bowl. If you’re using a hand-held mixer use only 110-115 gms and preferably use a steel bowl.

Add in the aquafaba.

Begin blending the mix. It will take about 5-8 minutes for the mixture to become pale and frothy.

Only after you’ve got a pale pink colour, place the sugar, water and agar agar into a steel bowl and allow to simmer. You will need to boil the mix till its clumpy and really thick, pale yellowish in colour.

Keep blending the crush mix slowly and pour in the sugar syrup on the side.

Once you’ve got the entire agar mix in the berry mix, speed up the mixer and whisk till it doubles and triples in volume.

Add in the colour and the raspberry essence. Continue to whip till you have stiff dry peaks.

Better to err on the side of over whisking here.

Once you can see the peaks are super stiff and pipeable, fit a piping bag with the 1m star nozzle and fill the marshmallow fluff.

Pipe small rosettes and Allow to set and dry at least overnight. A little disco dust and glitter will make these really pretty. Next morning, peel off the rosettes and paste two sticky side together.

Dip in sugar and corn-starch mix and coat.

Place on cup cake liners and store in an airtight container.

You can gift these or eat them at random. With a total of approximately 400 gms sugar in 40 marshmallows, you can afford the calories.

They are like eating little clouds of raspberries and feeling less guilty about them.

Also think of the novelty factor. Who else will be making these adorable marshmallows.

They taste super on hot chocolate too. Just pop them into your hot chocolate and watch the clouds start to become soft and mushy.

Just ensure that the humidity is low when you plan to make them.

Go on, click on the affiliate links below and order the supplies and make them.

You can thank me later.


Disclaimer: These are a few of the products I use, If you click on these pictures, you can purchase the same product at no extra cost to you.


Walnut Maple Syrup Whole Wheat Pie Baketitude
Copycat After Eights and Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Baketitude


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    You are writing a poetry in kitchen. What an artistry! Great!

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